Trust Dean for Trustee 2014

Thanks for your support in my 2014 bid for Trustee

I’d like to thank my supporters in this election, there were well over 1,000 of you that put your trust in me. Well founded support indeed but not enough to win.

It is difficult to fairly compete when major political parties are using the Trustee position as a spring board for provincial campaigns. This scheme to co-promote Trustees with Provincial candidates was first used in the GTA by the NDP. Case in point Merrit Stiles (MPP Davenport) who confirmed to me in person that her interests in the Trustee position was genuine. Sure enough she was running for Provincial parliment in Toronto’s Davenport riding. In the end the TDSB is in such a state of shambles, it’s unlikley short term elected officials could have a significant impact. If you need proof just pop into any school and witness the current state of the building, grounds, fixtures and finishes.

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